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Hearth – Creative Mealtimes:  Throughout our opening circle and during mealtimes the entire weekend, the ways in which we engaged with food and the meaning of a meal were explored. A palette of flavours and textures were on hand to incite the palate, and we followed an assortment of creative prompts to play and create intentionally with our food. Menu design & food preparation by Sonja Seiler (@nurtureretreats) with support behind the scenes from Stephanie Pellett (@stephpellett).

Root –  Plant Tending Workshop: Exploration of the act of tending – how what we care for reflects how we care for ourselves. The depth of meaning and metaphor of the natural world to inform our seeds of intention, that is: what we allow to take root, and how we let it (or help it) grow. Facilitated by Stephanie Philip of Urban Gardener (@stephaniefinds).

Întime – Sensuality Workshop: Where do we show up sensually for ourselves? How does what we wear closest to our bodies shape how we see them and how others see us? We explored our relationship to our own second skin, our sensuality and symbols – expressing what we discovered through creatively engaging with images and material from Lorette’s custom line. Facilitated by Laure Stromboni of Lorette Lingerie (@lorettelingerie)

Altar – Wreaths with Meaning Workshop: How the shapes and cycles of our lives are a potent metaphor and maps for meaning. Combining the wisdom of the tarot and the lessons of the natural world, we created altar pieces that told the stories of where we’re at. The medicine of our own intuition, told through foraged botanicals, twine and ribbon, acted as a visual touchstone for where we found ourselves in our journeys. Facilitated by Stacey Sproule, floral artist & tarot reader (@staceysproule).

Gorgeous & evocative photographs by the talented Katie Harrison of Katie Harrison Photography (@katieharrisonphoto)


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