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Dear Nurturers,

While searching for a creative way to frame this week's blog story, I found myself not really resonating with any of them. I normally LOVE this part of writing to you – sitting in front of a blank page (or screen) and 'listening' for what is being asked to be written. It's a creative partnership between me and the Truth. This week, every idea I put out there got thrown back at me, like old fruit at a bad joke. Too lame; too needy; trying to be too clever; too vague; too obscure; too much. At first, I fell back into old ways of thinking where I beat myself up at 'not being able to get it right' and then realized I wasn't actually listening. Suddenly, it clicked: this week, what's 'right' is to tell you the facts and nothing more. The facts ARE the story.

Here's what's really happening:

I heard Friday from the owner of the retreat centre I have my eye on – the 94 acre organic farm property that started this whole exciting adventure, the one that seems perfect and fated and has my heart.

This beauty of a space:

He told me:

There's nothing I would like better than to see the retreat go to you – your vision and spirit are aligned with what I think the land and space wants and is there for.”

Amazing! I feel the same way. BUT (and here's the reality)…

He then told me he is accepting and considering offers NEXT SATURDAY (January 21st).

There are two other parties set to make an offer, likely with financing already in place.

I have:

Exactly ONE WEEK to gather, confirm, and set legal contracts in motion with interested investors.

My funding is set up to come in from multiple sources: from the crowdfunding campaign that isn't set to launch until February 15th, from a business loan, and from a variety of investors with whom I am at various stages of the courtship process (it IS a courtship, and one I take seriously. There is real love there). From a realistic perspective, I know some will confirm, some will reconsider, and others may, for whatever reason, not get back to me on time. Here's where I need your help!

I was expecting the accrual of investments to have a bit of a steep learning curve, especially since I am undertaking this process as a newly appointed CEO of a corporation (still feels weird when I ponder that reality, especially since if you meet or know me, I am a far cry from 'corporate', like the kind of far cry that stereotypical lone eagles make from across a large canyon cry).

What I was NOT exactly expecting was that the curve would include the need to get from $0 confirmed investor dollars to at least $160K confirmed investor dollars in ONE WEEK.

This makes for a situation that can easily be an excuse to be afraid and milk that because Lord knows the fear gremlins like to come out and play at times like these. They have really convincing voices that speak with Certainty and Authority on things like Being Realistic or Playing Small or You're Not Worth A Miracle of This Size, Sonja. I have decided to become lactose intolerant to this particular kind of milking. While it can feel good (even validating) to feel bad or afraid in this situation, it helps nobody.

So, I am determined to keep reminding myself that this also makes for a situation where I can send those voices to the back of the car, where they belong, and let my Inner Knowingness drive.

And you know what my Inner Knowingness is feeling as it handles the wheel, dodging emotional cliffs and psychological roadblocks? It feels ALIVE.

I feel so full of life and energy and vitality as I ponder this moment – a moment where the feelings tumble over one another and my destiny is both entirely in my hands and entirely out of my hands. A friend likened it to being at the top of a rollercoaster. It's exhilarating.

So, here is my promise. This aliveness is where I will live this week.

I will let it guide me. I will let the emotions rise as they do and I will know that no matter what the outcome, all of my work and heart and effort I have put into building Nurture and expanding it to where it lives now – a community, a movement, a retreat, a feeling – has been and continues to be 100% worth it. All of the ways in which YOU have already shown up to this and made it greater than the sum of its parts has been and continues to be 100% worth it. This is just the beginning. I CAN'T WAIT to see what we create together.

My other promise is to do everything I can to play the game of What If? What if I start FULLY believing I am worth this working out? What if I key into the abundance I know exists and to the power of a community joined in a common goal?

What if the right people see this post or hear about Nurture from a friend and feel moved or compelled to contribute in this capacity because it speaks deeply to them that Nurture needs this home and they want to and are able to be a part of making that miracle happen in this way, right NOW?

I believe in miracles. I really, truly do. I would not be writing you this post, sitting on a Via train with horrible overhead lighting headed Eastward, on my way to my property inspection early tomorrow morning, if I didn't.

My big favour to ask is this: do you, or anyone you know, have the kind of spirit that would light up at being a part of this venture alongside the kind of access to funds that would provide the answer to a prayer?

The property is listed at $600K. A minimum of 25% is needed for a down payment – that's around $160K. I will also be negotiating additional financing for the rest.

If yes, please send them my way.

I am offering both Timeshare ($20K – designed and optimized for coaches, instructors and retreat leaders) and Equity/Profitshare ($10K and up) options with a compelling ROI. You/they can find out all about the project via my business plan HERE, and can ask me anything, anything at all, by writing me HERE.  The Equity offer is new, so we can build that agreement from scratch, together, so it feels right for both of us.

Don't have the ability to invest in this capacity now? No randomly rich Aunt Edna who would love to build a nurturing home for entrepreneurs? I would very much appreciate any shares on social media, good vibes, prayers, lit intention candles and/or resonant rituals you feel moved to dedicate to the fruition of this venture AS IT WANTS TO BE.

Stay tuned also for our crowdfunding campaign launch (and party!) on February 15th where you can donate at multiple levels, with very exciting perks (Ever wanted to name a chicken? This could be your moment).

I am so excited to see what happens next – will the crowdfunding campaign be launched to fund startup costs for this farm that started it all, or will we be starting from scratch with a new property plan?

YOU get to help decide.

It'll be swell either way, Nurturers, I promise.

Much love and SOOOOOOOOO much gratitude for your generosity, support and community spirit, always and always,


p.s. Want to follow along in real time as this unfolds? I'll be sharing the ups and downs over on our Instagram account @nurtureretreats.

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