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How did Nurture Start?

How did Nurture start? A decision to turn right instead of left. Everything we’ve built has grown from this one choice. January, 2015. I was on the streetcar and got off at my usual stop. Instead of heading home, I felt this tug to turn right. I looked up and caught eyes with a woman behind a storefront door. She […]


Love Letters to Creative Kindreds – Nurture Fall 2022 Edition

Let’s say I’m the Ghost of Christmas Future, but way less creepy. We’re at a holiday market, the outdoor kind, except everything is ‘brought to you by Nurture’. It’s that magical time of day during the colder months where the light paints everything gold until the violet darkness seeps in and the twinkle lights and lanterns are turned on and […]


Black Lives Matter.

Black lives matter. In the wake of the past few weeks (and I say ‘wake’ deliberately, for every layer of that word), the hope and the uncomfortable truths I have seen and felt on my Instagram feed, I have also seen in myself and in my business. I am not immune, nor is my company, to the ways in which […]