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Archives during: November 2016

How to Deal When Your Fear is a Close-Talker.

Dear Nurturers, I got the email of congratulations while on the streetcar. An email from my lawyer cheekily (but also actually) referring to me as Creative Director Sonja Seiler of Nurture: Creative Retreat Centre & Coworking B&B, Inc. The certificate and articles of incorporation were attached as a PDF and I scanned them, absorbing the legalese in the same way […]


What thoughts are you wearing these days? Do they fit?

Dear Nurturers, Last weekend, during our fall retreat, the lovely Rebecca Jacobs lead us in a workshop about style. This wasn’t your typical “You’re a pear, wear autumn colours and avoid empire waistlines” profiling. Rebecca’s approach is holistic and creative: how can you access and express your core values through your personal style so that it’s the real YOU that […]


Just play it cool, boys, REAL cool. (But, actually – don't.)

Dear Nurturers, I recently sat across from a good friend who is the type of person who can rock a grandpa sweater and somehow have it be both sexy and playfully ironic. (Pause: HOW?!). His heart is solid gold, his demeanor warmest-of-warm and his talents would leave anyone gobsmacked yet he goes about his humble way, truly caring for each […]