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My nurture Valentine - Cook Your own love story

Let’s get together and cook a delicious collaborative meal that tells the story of your relationship!
It’s a custom gift, a fun activity AND a romantic meal for less than what you’d spend for a night out as a couple on the 14th.

let's tell your love story through food

Nice to meet you, I’m Sonja! 

My friends lovingly call me a ‘kitchen witch.’ The potential for alchemy in the kitchen is abundant, and I have dedicated my life to exploring how food heals, bonds, tells stories and offers a way in to my own heart and the hearts of others. What better way to get to the heart of what really matters than feeding those you care about? 

This Valentine’s Day, I’ve designed a three course menu inspired by love, and I’d love for you to cook it alongside me in celebration of YOUR love.


While all of us will be working from the same foundational 3-course menu, I'll be creatively tweaking an element of each course based on answers you give me about meaningful memories with you and your beau. Your menu will be unique to you! Cost: $120 per couple, plus around the same in groceries. Suitable for all cooking levels. Allergies, food sensitivities and strong dislikes accommodated.



We gather cute details about your relationship and I design custom elements of our shared menu based on your answers.

  • Custom recipe PDF with grocery list
  • Prompts to set the scene (and table)
  • Ideas to to reimagine leftovers

Join me in our live drop-in style virtual prep kitchen where I guide you through your prep tasks, in a community of new friends

"From start to finish, this process with Sonja was a delight. Not only did she create the perfect menu for us, but she showed us that we (with minimal cooking skills) in our kitchen (with minimal counter space) could turn out a truly spectacular meal! Sonja’s love for food shines through in everything she does. She left us with full bellies, amazing leftovers, and big smiles. "

- Laura & Mike

my nurture valentine

$120 per couple


"We loved the food itself and how it tied into these cute stories about our life + love + heritage."

Thanks so much for this lovely, lovely experience. It was so great, and the food so delicious. I was a little scared on the amount of work it LOOKED like it was going to be, but as we started, it wasn’t at all. I also LOVED how you’ve intertwined the ingredients from the recipes together – ie. the rind from the orange was the same orange I used for the dessert. How neat and clever. And I loved how easy it was to turn a dip dish into this ridiculously delicious visually divine masterpiece on the table. Thank you!!!

"I liked how everything was crafted together and personalized. "

I love how empowered I felt as a cook and I relaxed and had fun knowing you were there as a guide (vs. Panicking if doing it alone). I loved sharing our stories and being witnessed (was great for our kids to learn about our love story). Getting all the good stuff out (food processor, good crystal, cocktail glasses, etc). The rich flavours and smells. Yay for leftovers!! The multiple camera views were awesome!

Valerie & dave

"We loved setting aside time to intentionally be together in the kitchen."

As a couple with young kids that is something that NEVER happens anymore and made us realize how special that time was and that we should do it more often. Definitely some wonderful feelings of nostalgia as we reminisced about our honeymoon and could also share our joy of that time in a community setting.


"We loved everything about this experience!"

The personalization was incredible – and I know how your brilliant mind works, so I also know there is probably not another soul in the world who could do this as amazingly as you have! I loved the little stories about us that were paired with each recipe and I loved how specifically each recipe matched us and our stories! I felt so special to have this beautifully curated, gourmet menu made specifically for us! I also loved being able to share these parts of our love story with our children as we served them each dish.