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Terms & Conditions

1. While I read cookbooks like they’re novels and would probably do well if the category was “Pastry Bases for $500, Alex,” it’s vital you know that I am not a licensed nutritionist, doctor, or medical professional. Any suggestions given should be taken with a figurative and, often literal, grain of salt as prompts for kitchen creativity, NOT as medical advice. Please see a professional for that. I am happy to work alongside medical and health practitioners recommendations.

2. Since we’re exploring the natural relationship between food and feelings, I feel it’s also important to note that I am not a mental health professional either. Nurture Kitchen Blessings are potentially therapeutic, but I am NOT a therapist. I am prepared to tenderly hold space for whatever emotions come up during our session, but should we encounter something that might invite professional support, I can point you towards some helpful resources.

3. Like the freshest of foods, Nurture Kitchen Blessings do come with an expiry date. Both your own blessing, or any blessing you gift a loved one is good for one (1) calendar year after purchase.

4. I have years of professional kitchen experience, and a conscientious head full of common sense on my shoulders. Kitchen safety is a priority for me. That being the case, this agreement ensures that neither I, Sonja Seiler, nor Nurture will be held liable for any kitchen or food safety-related incident that occurs during our Nurture Kitchen Blessing session.

5. Nurture Kitchen Blessings are non-refundable. If you need to change the date of your blessing, I am happy to reschedule to another time within your year before it expires. Should you wish to transfer your blessing to another person, you may do so.