Want to join our next Nurture Retreat? Coming this November 15-17th! 



Hearth – Bread and Butter from Scratch Workshop: the therapy of dough, the alchemy of kitchen magic and how it offers you a place to meet and dialogue (deliciously) with your feelings. Facilitated by Sonja Seiler (@nurtureretreats)

Pigment – Hand-dyed Silk Scarf Workshop: working with natural dyes and mordants to create our own patterns on silk, inspired by the cycles of nature, our own personal rhythms and cycles and what speaks to us about them. Exploring the crucible of waiting, how to find the gold in the meantime, meditation and reflection through pattern and repetition. Facilitated by Tania Love (@love_walnut)

Ritual – Yoga, Meditation & Essential Oils for Connection Workshop: elements of movement and restorative yoga supplement an exploration of all the senses and how they can be honoured in the creation and curation of personal ritual. How healing properties of essential oils support our physical bodies and our intentions. Facilitated by Christine Russell, 889 Yoga (@essentialchristine)

Chronicle – Confidence in Collaboration Workshop: exploration of the process of showing up to our collaborative ventures with personal and professional integrity, creativity and courage. Taking authority of your story (via the creation of a ‘zine), because whether you’ve known it or not, your story has been yours to craft and tell every time you show up in business or in your life (we believe they’re one and the same!). Facilitated by Erin Klassen, With/Out Pretend (@with.outpretend)

Gorgeous & evocative photographs by the talented Lauren Kolyn (@laurenkolyn__studio)


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