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Welcome to Nurture: Fall 2023

Meet your co-Nurturers, find all the retreat info you need in one spot, and stay connected!

Your Fellow Retreaters

Sonja Seiler (she/her)

I’m Sonja, founder of Nurture, ardent lover of butter, candlelight and singing in harmony. Card carrying INFJ/Manifesting Generator. A ‘food storyteller’ at heart, I create custom menus and food experiences using food as a tool for connection and can’t wait to connect with all of you! I’m also excited to be building towards my dream of running a Nurture Farmhouse ‘coworking B&B’.

Steph Pellett Bio Photo

Stephanie Pellett (she/her)

I’m Steph, Nurture’s Creative Producer, creative business coach and educator, and creator of The Profoundery, an online business community for thoughtful, values-based entrepreneurs. I also host the podcast, Slowpreneur: Business without the Busy. In my spare time, you can find me reading romance novels and spending time with my puppy (preferably simultaneously).

Frances Beatty - Bio Photo

Frances Beatty (she/her)

I’m Frances, a photographer, artist, educator and mama. Nature is my muse; music, movies, and community keep my spirit alive, and I thrive on fostering creativity in others. I cherish quiet moments, meaningful conversations, and sharing delicious food and stories. Hugs are pure magic, and I’m an avid reader who loves creating art with my hands. Vulnerability and new experiences are my guiding stars.

Christie Wong (she/her)

I’m Christie, an illustrator, textile artist, natural pigments and dye-maker, coach, business manager, and just the right dose of psych-nerd. My work touches the far corners of many industries: marketing, media production, education, hospitality, therapy, fashion and the arts. I’m excited to connect with you to bring your vision to life in vibrant and embodied ways, holding the fierce belief that everyone is deeply creative!

Liza Wallman Headshot

Liza Wallman (she/her)

I’m Liza, a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Toronto. Currently, I’m focused on a crochet project in which I encase granny squares in resin and connect them with hardware to make the most uncomfortable blanket in the world. My days are filled with making art, teaching workshops, and exploring creativity. I’m a Gemini sun, Scorpio moon, Scorpio rising aka it is TUMULTUOUS in my brain and I love to get deep. I am inspired by being in nature and soulfully connecting with people – I cannot wait for our retreat.

CaitlinJeffery Bio Photo-28

Caitlin Jeffery (she/her)

I’m Caitlin, an artist that uses dried flowers as a way to symbolize the cyclical nature of life and death. I take fresh flowers, naturally dry them and create illustrations that I then frame. Currently I am focused on preserving bereavement flowers to support folks as they move through grief. In addition to that I am creating a body of work that highlights death rituals across cultures through history.

Retreat Details

Your Guidebook

A rich and informative deep dive PDF full of packing lists, preparation prompts and setting the scene for our time together. Available soon!

Our Venue

A link to our retreat venue Google Map for ease of planning your arrival. Need a rideshare? Reach out to us and we’ll help set you up with a fellow attendee.

Nurture Fall Care Kit Contributors

We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but check here after the retreat for all the Care Kit contributor information in one easy-to-access spot!

Get In Touch

Have questions in the meantime, or something you forgot to include on your intake form? Anything we can support you with before your arrival? Drop us a line here.

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