Want to join our next Nurture Retreat? Coming this November 15-17th! 



Hearth – Strata from Scratch Workshop: how to use your pantry as a palette to create delicious things and spark your creativity, especially with leftovers. Facilitated by Sonja Seiler. (@nurtureretreats)

Garment – Personal Style Workshop: how creativity with your wardrobe and connecting your outer self to your inner self can inspire confidence, clarity in who you are, knowing you’re enough, loving your life and loving yourself. Facilitated by Rebecca Jacobs (@rebecca.jacobs)

Still Life – Creative Design and Personal Space Aesthetic Workshop: working with colour, texture, pattern, details and materials. How these elements come together in diverse and unexpected ways. When you select, place and combine items together with thought, care and love – along with a healthy dash of personality, curiosity and spirit – something truly magical happens. Facilitated by Danielle Suppa, Souvenir Studios (@souvenirstudios)

Plait & Pattern – Macrame Wall Hanging Workshop: the art of expression through line and pattern, texture and life. The therapeutic qualities of repetition of macrame, the pride that is found in the finished piece, and it’s endless possibilities that call you back to create more and more. Facilitated by Natalie Fretz, Natalie Ranae (@natalie_ranae)

Gorgeous & evocative photographs by the talented Sara Monika Photography (@saramonikaphoto)


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