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Facilitated by: Liza Wallman (she/her), mixed media artist

Found at: @lizawallman

Working with: yarn, crochet, mixed media

Liza’s multidisciplinary practice is rooted in the gender spectrum, the role of interior & home in culture, and building a sense of belonging. Often her work takes shape through exploring a feminine subject and presenting it using a masculine visual language. Historically feminine practices or subjects were (are) often relegated to craft or, more oppressively, free labour. Through her work, she explore these practices and at some point in the creation process, intercepts the usual practice with a new historically masculine element. Given the broadly upheld hierarchy of gender, she includes this masculine element in an attempt to bring reverence to historically feminine practices or subjects and to question the gender binary.

Together, we explored themes of home and belonging through the art of crochet.



Facilitated by: Caitlin Jeffery (she/her), dried floral artist

Found at: @gentledecay

Working with: dried and pressed foraged florals

Cait founded Gentle Decay on the principle that beauty can be found in death. Death doesn’t have to mean the end of something, it can also signal the beginning: where there is darkness, we find light. Most people buy flowers which serve their purpose for a short period of time, until they are discarded and forgotten. By intervening in this natural process, we can instill new life into (what would otherwise be) a dead product and play with this concept as a metaphor for life. Gentle Decay cherishes all things natural & doesn’t use any additives to aid in the preservation process. Gentle Decay believes in letting all things be exactly as they are & finding beauty in whatever that may be.

Together, we explored the life-death-rebirth cycle and the floral art of preserving memories.


Facilitated by: Christie Wong, multidisciplinary artist 

Found at: @mimaschrwonstie

Working with: natural pigments, fabric, paper & poetry

Christie calls herself an illustrator, photographer, and a ‘girl on saturn’ these days. But really, she’s a poet that also writes visually. She finds freedom in the creative experience, and is ready to take your creative projects to new galaxies. Fresh off a sabbatical in Mexico digging deep into her artistic practice, Christie is primed to share about the benefits of time spent connecting with what wants to come through you.

Together, we explored the poetry of naturally sourced dyes and how our personal and ancestral histories are permeable.


Captured by: Frances Beatty

Found at: @francesbeattyphoto

Working with: digital, film, Super 8 video

Frances loves to photograph stories of all kinds at all stages of life, in south Georgian Bay, and beyond. From intimate weddings and adventurous elopements, to maternity and family. In her words: “I am a memory keeper, a detail observer, and a confidante. To do what I do, connection is everything. I want to get to know you. I want you to feel like I’m a friend, rather than the hired help. I want to help you document your story in a natural and unobtrusive way. I want you to experience something when you look at your images and remember what it felt like to be truly present in that moment. I love to give my clients space to be themselves, and to observe and capture them in a very natural, honest and uncontrived way.”


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