Join us for our Spring Nurture Retreat this May 3rd – 5th! 



My heart is so full from this weekend. The peace and ease that I feel within is so palpable. I smiled, all the way home and all evening. I feel so good today. Thank you so much. For holding space, for creating, nurturing, loving and every special gift in between.

I don’t think I will forget the moment when I arrived. I pulled into the property and instantly smiled. I know I had made the right choice. I parked, left my bags in the car and walked up the drive. I strolled up the porch and peeked into the office, no one there. So I went back to the front door and entered. Such magic, hearing the music echoing, the sounds and the aromas from the kitchen. Walking down the hall, taking it all in.

The self care and nurturing that took place this weekend, the healing, the releasing, the reconnecting, was and is exactly what I need. The moments that came up to be looked at and acknowledged. The new friendships that were formed. Kitchen and harvest table conversations. The labyrinth walk…Ohh the labyrinth walk. It was so powerful for me. Messages so clear. What a gift.

All the takeaways, the workshops, the many laughs and deep conversations. All ‘things’ I yearn for and wish to call more of into my life. Perfection in itself. I learned so much in many ways with many layers. What you have created is super special. It is inspiring and speaks clearly to my heart and spirit.

Priscilla, Yoga Studio Owner & Instructor



I can heartfeltly say that signing up for Nurture is not only worth it but necessary. As an entrepreneur I know how easy it is to put yourself last and push every other thing on your to do list first. I’ll be the first one to admit it. But self care is one of those things that must be prioritized for one’s sanity, happiness and peace of mind. Enter: Nurture Retreats and the brainchild behind it, Sonja. The whole weekend was an absolute delight in every way. I observed the chitter chatter in my head simmering down as the days progressed and what replaced it was pure contentment and the gift of being present in each moment (for once). I wasn’t thinking about my long list of things to do, future goals, work. I spent the weekend just being – and how rare is that these days?!

I’m indebted to Sonja for putting her heart fully into creating a space and experience for women such as this. I can imagine how much work goes into it (A LOT!) and she did it with grace, fiery passion and a sweet dose of sass. I adore her!

PS: as a side note, should you decide to treat yourself to the Nurture experience, come prepared with loose fitting pants. Sonja will bewitch you with her magical food and you won’t ever want to stop eating!!

Liat, Photographer



Sonja is a visionary. A nurturer. A beautiful, bountiful, blissful soul. I met her online {as we do these days} and followed her {soul’s} path on IG. I was pulled. Drawn to her. Instantly. Her words. Her purpose. I knew I had to attend the Nurture: A Retreat this past May. The weekend was MAGNIFICENT. Really, that word does not do it justice. The experience was unsayable.

From the nourishing food Sonja lovingly prepared by hand. To the artistry and creative expression {and expansion} explored through the hand lettering and floral crown workshops {foraging our own flowers!}. The group of women – connected. Deeply. And in a matter of 48-hours became life-long friends. There is power in what Sonja is doing. There is power in bringing together sisters. There is power in creating a safe space for women to unfold, to undo, to let go. You find a new part of your soul on these retreats. So grateful to know Sonja and have had this experience. Forever engraved on my heart.

Mary Lynn, Holistic Nutritionist



Nurture came at a perfect time. I’ve been going through a lot personally, and haven’t been making enough space to really process it all, trying to keep it all together so I can get through my weeks. This seeps into my professional life, where I’ve been feeling tapped out and uninspired. As soon as I arrived, I knew this was a space where I could unfold, unravel, and be with whatever came up because it would be contained, by the space, and by the women who were there. While you know I am a skeptic, there may be something about my energy now, having made some space for myself, that is drawing people in, more than it otherwise would have when I was feeling emotionally blocked.

I’ve described Nurture to several friends and each time the feeling of being taken care of, through the food, the other women, and the space comes through. I described it as a womb-like space. It is a container for you to be. To be held, contained, carried, loved. However you are in that moment, with whatever you need in that moment, you are welcome. From the moment you walk in, you feel embraced. The food is so special and nourishing and creative. The meals shared over the harvest table rather than hastily prepared and eaten while scrolling through your phone. The time and space to tune in to your needs, to wherever you are in that moment, and to meet those needs through reading, walking, napping, laughing, journaling.

It is for women who sometimes struggle to meet their needs because they’re focused on accomplishing goals, helping others, doing important work in the world. They sometimes forget that they are allowed to have needs, to meet their needs, to realize that their needs are okay, that all of themselves are okay. For women who have done some personal growth work and are on that inner journey, looking to more deeply connect with themselves and with others in deep and meaningful ways. It’s remarkable that this feeling of safety, of a net, a womb, is established so quickly, and I think that’s because of you and the depth of your inner work.

Thank you for creating this incredible experience and inviting me to be part of it. It was everything I imagined and more. I’m so deeply grateful.

Or, Art Therapist



I have told everyone who will listen how much Nurture helped me. It was three days, but I came back feeling like I’d been gone a week. I learned so much about myself and what I need to do to keep myself sane. It really did so much for me. Also, I was able to connect with some really beautiful women, and there are a few I still chat with, which has been incredible.

Nurture really is an investment in yourself. There’s no way around it. I drove into the driveway feeling heavy and overwhelmed and alone and left feeling light, in control and supported. I think most women I know would benefit from attending, and I have been quite vocal in telling them that.

Nikki, Wedding Venue Coordinator